Revco Legaci Series Ultima II

(ULT2186-9-D30) 21 cuft -40°C to -86°C

The 2186-9-D30 models are ~21 cuft, -86°C rated (operation between -50°C and -86°C):

  • Dimensions (approx)- Interior: H 50″ x W 28″ x D 24″ / Exterior H 78″ x W 38.5″ x D 35.5″; Weight: 735 lbs
  • 208/230V / 60 Hz / 12 Amps (NEMA ref: 6-15P/6-15R)

About the Revco Legaci Series Ultima II:

Reliable, dependable performance throughout a range of demanding laboratory conditions, Revco brand freezers tolerate recurring voltage fluctuations, high ambient temperatures, and heavy traffic in/out of freezer. Addresses pharmaceutical, biotech, industrial and hospital/clinical labs’ needs for -86°C storage of high value materials.

The Legaci™ refrigeration system:

  • Industry’s first fully integrated cooling technology
  • Second stage DuPont Suva® refrigerant
  • High strength, hermetically sealed air-cooled compressors (Copeland Corporation)
  • Revco’s dual-stage cascading refrigeration system

IntrLogic™ microprocessor control:

  • Measures, compares and reports cabinet operation with digital accuracy.
  • Alarm/monitor with Lifeguard Compressor monitors Legaci™ compressor performance and adjusts to internal and external conditions.
  • A.I.M. (Automatic Incident monitor) notes temperature deviations beyond set-points, with rapid flash for current event, slow flash if self corrected. Archives and displays most deviated temps at the touch of a button.
  • Automatic Voltage Boost adjusts for voltage anomalies with on-board power monitoring + incoming line voltage readout.