Quality Used and Refurbished Equipment

Whether your starting up a new facility, or replacing existing instruments, Precision-Mechanical sells, installs and warranties many brand name products from leading manufacturers. Listed here are just a few pieces of our current inventory. If you see something that interests you, take down the description and call or email us your order. We will be glad to personally answer any questions that you may have.

Please note that this is only a glimpse of our surplus equipment available. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, call or email with a brief description of the item you’re looking for and we will comb our inventory for you.

Freezers and Ultra-Lows

  • Revco Legaci Series Ultima II: (ULT2186-9-D30) 21 cuft -40°C to -86°C (208/230V) freezer
  • Revco Legaci Series Ultima II: (ULT1786-9-A30) 17 cuft -40 to -86°C (115V) freezer
  • Revco 10 cuft chest freezer: (ULT1075-7-ABA) -40° to -86° (115V)
  • Revco Legaci Series Chest Freezer: (ULT 390-5-A30) -40 to -86° 3.1 cuft.

Refrigerators and Coolers

  • Thermo Forma 3787: Chromatography Refrigerator ~40 cuft. (115V)
  • Jewett Blood Bank Storage: (BBR37) 37.4 cuft refrigerator with stainless drawers
  • Fisher IsoTemp Lab Refrigerator: (13986245G) Double-sliding-door cooler ~40 cuft. (115V)
  • Thermo Forma 1775: 40+ cuft Laboratory Refrigerator ~40 cuft. (115V)
  • Fisher IsoTemp Lab Refrigerator: (13986245G) Double-sliding-door Refrigerator ~40 cuft. (115V).

Centrifuge and rotors

  • Beckman Microfuge 11: rotor Fits 18 x 1.5-2 mL tubes.
  • Fisher Marathon 8k: Hermley bench-top centrifuge with rotor and adapters
  • Savant Speed-fuge 10K: Filtration Centrifuge #SFG10K with rotor
  • Beckman Ti 70.1: 70k RPM Ultra-Centrifuge Rotor

Vacuum Pumps and Accessories

  • Savant VP 100 Vacuum pump: mechanical dual vane rotary type 3.5 CFM, 113L/min.
  • Edmonds/VWR E2M Vacuum Pump: (Identical to Savant VP 100)
  • Hitachi VP160 (VP 160) “Cutevac”: Direct drive Rotary type 10(-2) Pa;145-174 L/min
  • Leybold Trivac D4B: mechanical dual vane rotary type 3.4 CFM; Ultimate pressure of 1×10-4 Torr.